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Yeasen “mRNAtools” provides raw materials and professional solutions for mRNA vaccine manufacture

mRNA technology

mRNA technology is one of the greatest biotech breakthroughs in 21st century. mRNAs, which primarily encode proteins, can be used in the development of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines or drugs against a variety of diseases including infections and cancers. Compared with the conventional vaccines, the advantages of mRNA vaccines are fast R&D response, high safety, stable mass production and low cost. mRNA vaccines have natural advantages in response to the epidemics and become excellent tools to fight against COVID-19. Enzymes are indispensable and core materials in the production of mRNA vaccines. The enzyme quality and supply have a significant impact on mRNA vaccine manufacture.

Yeasen “mRNAtools” production base

To ensure the sustainable supply of high-quality enzymes, in 2021, Yeasen invested $ 12 million to construct a new manufacturing plant, named as “mRNAtools”, to produce GMP grade, large-batch enzymes as well as other auxiliary materials required for mRNA vaccine industry. Covering 5,000 m2, the mRNA tools plant is equipped with 1.5 tons of automatic fermentation equipment, industrial high throughput chromatography systems and freeze dryers. At present, products supplied by the mRNA tools plant include Restriction endonucleases, T7 RNA polymerase, Inorganic pyrophosphatase, RNase inhibitor, Vaccinia capping enzyme, 2´-O-Methyltransferase, DNase I, S-adenosylmethionine, Cap analogs, Natural and modified nucleoside triphosphates. Yeasen is dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products and professional support not only to accelerate their R&D projects from initial research to clinical trials, but also guarantee mRNA vaccine production with high efficiency.

Product information

Product nameSKUSpecifications
T7 High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit10623ES50/100/500 T
T7 RNA Polymerase GMP-grade (50 U/μL)10624ES5000/50000 U
T7 RNA Polymerase GMP-grade(250 U/μL)10625ES10/100 KU
10×Transcription Buffer GMP-grade10627ES1/10 mL
Pyrophosphatase,Inorganic GMP-grade10620ES10/100/1000 U
Murine RNase inhibitor GMP-grade10621ES10/20/100 KU
BspQI GMP-grade10664ES500/2500 U
DNase I GMP-grade10611ES500/2000/10000 U
mRNA Vaccinia Capping Enzyme GMP-grade10614ES2000/10000/100000 U
mRNA Cap 2'-O-Methyltransferase GMP-grade10612ES2000/10000/50000 U
10×Capping buffer GMP-grade10666ES1/10 mL
S-adenosylmethionine (SAM)(32 mM)10619ES0.5/25/500 mL
Pseudouridine-5-triphosphate,trisodium salt solution (100 mM)10650ES20 μL/100 μL/1 mL
N1-Me-Pseudo UTP sodium solution(100 mM)10651ES20 μL/100 μL/1 mL
ATP Solution(100 mM)10129ES1/25/500 mL
CTP Solution(100 mM)10130ES1/25/500 mL
UTP Solution(100 mM)10131ES1/25/500 mL
GTP Solution(100 mM)10132ES1/25/500 mL
NTP Set Solution (ATP, CTP, UTP, GTP, 100 mM each)10133ES1 Set (4 vial)
RNA Cleaner12602ES1/5/60/450 mL
mRNA Isolation Master Kit12603ES24/96 T
RNase H12906ES100/500/5000 U